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void SerialPort::Open ( const BaudRate  baudRate = BAUD_DEFAULT,
const CharacterSize  charSize = CHAR_SIZE_DEFAULT,
const Parity  parityType = PARITY_DEFAULT,
const StopBits  stopBits = STOP_BITS_DEFAULT,
const FlowControl  flowControl = FLOW_CONTROL_DEFAULT 
) throw ( AlreadyOpen, OpenFailed, UnsupportedBaudRate, std::invalid_argument )

Open the serial port with the specified settings. A serial port cannot be used till it is open.

AlreadyOpen This exception is thrown if the serial port is already open.
OpenFailed This exception is thrown if the serial port could not be opened.
std::invalid_argument This exception is thrown if an invalid parameter value is specified.

Definition at line 262 of file SerialPort.cpp.

    // Open the serial port.
    mSerialPortImpl->Open() ;
    // Set the various parameters of the serial port if it is open.
    this->SetBaudRate(baudRate) ;
    this->SetCharSize(charSize) ;
    this->SetParity(parityType) ;
    this->SetNumOfStopBits(stopBits) ;
    this->SetFlowControl(flowControl) ;
    // All done.
    return ;

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