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const SerialStreamBuf::ParityEnum SerialStream::Parity (  ) 

Get the current parity setting for the serial port.

The parity setting for the serial port.

Definition at line 239 of file SerialStream.cc.

References LibSerial::SerialStreamBuf::Parity(), and LibSerial::SerialStreamBuf::PARITY_INVALID.

    SerialStreamBuf* my_buffer = dynamic_cast<SerialStreamBuf *>(this->rdbuf()) ;
    // Make sure that we are dealing with a SerialStreamBuf before
    // proceeding. This check also makes sure that we have a non-NULL
    // buffer associated with this stream.
    if( my_buffer ) {
        // Try to set the baud rate. If the corresponding function of the
        // SerialStreamBuf class returns BAUD_INVALID, then we have a
        // problem and the stream is no longer valid for I/O.
        return my_buffer->Parity() ;
    } else {
        // If the dynamic_cast above failed then we either have a NULL
        // streambuf associated with this stream or we have a buffer of
        // class other than SerialStreamBuf. In either case, we have a
        // problem and we should stop all I/O using this stream.
        setstate(badbit) ;
        return SerialStreamBuf::PARITY_INVALID ;

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