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std::streambuf * LibSerial::SerialStreamBuf::setbuf ( char_type *  ,
) [inline, protected, virtual]

Performs an operation that is defined separately for each class derived from streambuf. The default behavior is to do nothing if gptr() is non-null and gptr()!=egptr(). Also, setbuf(0, 0) usually means unbuffered I/O and setbuf(p, n) means use p[0]...p[n-1] to hold the buffered characters. In general, this method implements the subclass's notion of getting memory for the buffered characters.

In the case of SerialStreamBuf, we want to keep using unbuffered I/O. Hence, using this method has no effect at present.

Definition at line 526 of file SerialStreamBuf.h.

Referenced by SerialStreamBuf().

            return std::streambuf::setbuf(0, 0) ;

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